Spirit of the Game

The Senior High School Students of Stonyhurst Southville International School-Malarayat conducted a two-day frisbee session held last March 9 and 10 at the football field.


As a class, we were given the chance to pick a sport we would like to have as part of our PE. Tennis, Swimming, Horseback riding, Badminton, Baseball, and Frisbee were all suggested, but it was Frisbee that won the votes. At first, there were some negative reactions because it seems to be a sport that is relatively easy to understand and play. But once we started with the technicalities during our own sessions, the class realized that it is an exhausting sport to play because it is like a mix of football, tennis, and basketball. It is a sport that has both a fun and competitive nature. We had several weeks to train ourselves, from the simple drills to the complex strategies, all building up our credibility to host a frisbee session to the students, teachers, and staff of SSIS-M.

Sports Event

What’s Ultimate Frisbee without the Spirit of the Game? One of the things that I admire about Ultimate is that it promotes fair play and camaraderie without a referee involved. Players call their own fouls and are responsible for their own conduct on the field. Aside from working towards improving skills and achieving goals as a team, it is also a sport that helps in building up the integrity of all players inside and outside of the field. Learning from this, the class wanted to share not only the skills that we have but also the spirit that is within us to the entire SSIS community. And thankfully, our sports event was a success. It has brought about a learning experience and a positive atmosphere.

Indeed, Ultimate Frisbee is as much about “the spirit of the game” as it is about the game itself.


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