Digital footprints are marks and trails that we leave as we use the internet. We create them through online actions and activities that reflect the kind of person we are, because as the saying goes, “Everything that we say and do portrays an image of ourselves”.

I myself, as part of Generation Z, have digital footprints – I contribute to the growing portrait of mine online. There are several ways, in which I do. This includes social media sites, apps, and devices. These are the means for me to share, to get information, and to communicate. Though having control over them, I make sure that what I say within the 140 character limit and for the “what’s on my mind?” is something worth the read. In fact, digital footprints are permanent and users have little control over how it will be used by others, even if it has been deleted. That is why I believe that our digital footprints matter. A positive digital reputation is important for us to develop because what we say and do online are impressions that we leave behind, thus, can have big consequences. Through the advanced tracking mechanisms of today, college admission officers and companies can use our digital footprints as a source to track down our background and to have a better view of ourselves.

Part of my savoir-faire practice is to use the internet and devices with delicacy and integrity, because I believe that my digital footprints has an effect on the opportunities that life has to offer and that the future promises.


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