Meeting SGWannaB

“‎Love is seeing an imperfect person perfectly.. and he is far from being perfect. But there’s something about him that captivates my heart.What’s so good about him anyway? Is it his radiant smile? His charisma? Maybe it’s his attractive face? I don’t know. But..I’m falling.. hard.” 

At least, that’s what the author of She’s Dating the Gangster, Bianca Bernardino, wants us to believe. She’s Dating the Gangster is an exemplar of one of the best pop-fiction novels – it has reaped the hearts of teenagers and it has left them with a kilig feeling.

Fortunately, we were able to meet and greet the author – the one behind all the witty words and romantic-comedy scenarios of the novel. Bianca Bernardino is a young professional who is very passionate, hardworking, talented, and yet humble. And if there is one thing that I learned from her, it is to put a little piece of ourselves in the things that we love to do.


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