When we experience hectic days after another, we sometimes tend to look down at the things that we have to finish and forget to look up at someone in the eye and smile. I believe that this ill habit, even though minimal, can be a source of conflict. I believe that many conflicts happen out of distrust against a certain race, faith, and ethnicity that is fuelled by the lack of speaking, listening, and understanding. I believe that communication is the heart of peace.

The Face to Faith Program engages people in peace building through the means of interactive video conferences between different kinds of people from across the globe, talking about issues of culture, identity, beliefs, values, and attitudes. Our previous video conference aimed to tackle peace and conflict in our lives. Through this, I became more aware of the diverse views of Indonesians, Pakistans, and Filipinos which all boils down to breaking down barriers to achieve peace – in our country, in our community, and in our hearts. I learned that one of the actions to achieving peace is by sacrificing a piece of us such as our pride. Because when pride takes its place on top of everything else, conflict will later come out.

I’ve always desired for peace, but by reaching it so, I must be a peace maker – one who shows humility and grace in every way possible. Moreover, I believe that peace is attainable when we work our very best together especially in taking part in dialogues that will navigate our differences.


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