“Listen to the voices inside your head. See the world inside out.”

Sometimes we are bothered by that “are-you-okay?” look, and most of the time we try to look like we are okay even though it’s not what it appears to be on the inside. Sometimes people ask us if there is anything wrong, and most of the time we say “nothing”. But nothing doesn’t always mean nothing, sometimes it means something.

The film Inside Out revolves around an 11-year-old girl, Riley, and the emotions inside of her – joy, anger, sadness, disgust, and fear – as she moves from Minnesota to San Francisco with her parents. I was able to relate myself to the protagonist Joy, who always avoid the negativity in life and who always strive to be happy. I use to think that showing sadness or fear is a sign of weakness and it is undesirable. But if there is one thing that I learned from the movie, it is that we have to allow, embrace, and express other emotions too. Showing sadness or fear can actually help you get the comfort you need because everyone else experiences it too. I came to a realization that expressing our emotions makes us authentic. It makes us humane. It makes our lives complete.

I enjoy reading people’s blogs but never have I thought of creating a blog not until it was a requirement for a subject in school. At first, I had a difficult time sharing my thoughts and feelings. Although I like to think! It’s just that I felt uncomfortable. But now that I have the means to write and share what’s on my mind, I see how beneficial blogging is for me to see how things have gone by and how I have grown in life. Though being open, not only do I see the world outside, but also the world inside.

I believe that part of the “savoir-faire” practice is the art of expressing emotions. And it is the art that I am yet to learn.


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